Careoline goes web3

The careoline.crypto stream bridges web 2.0 activities to the Metaverse in order to govern and decentralize the holistic health industry

Based on the Web 2.0 coach-/ client match-making Platform we realized the crux is how to really incentivize healthy and positive social practices to take the first step on this well-being journey – answering this we have been reinventing ourselves, and careoline.crypto stream with heal2earn came alive.

Supports creating a full experience community-driven decentralized ecosystem by using the best of these exponential technologies building a bridge to a happier society. Careoline.crypto also increases transparency and customer data security which enhances the trust level overall.


Discover the collection

The careoline.crypto NFT collection provides benefits to holder in the careoline ecosystem such as cost reduction, actual life activities and many more.


All about or Token

Participate in the careoline social token ecosystem. Earn, trade and benefit with the careoline social token launch.



Participants can increase experience through immersive/virtual spaces. Setting the right environment changes the whole coaching experience.


Well being aproach

The community will be incentivized with the new heal2earn approach enabled by the Careoline community social token


Launchpad for health projects

An IDO launchpad is a decentralized platform that hosts and lists down the potential projects for IDO

Let us change the way mental health works - for good!

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Careoline.crypto stream

To establish this great idea in a meaningful way, we build a community with the same mindset, incentivized via careoline.crypto stream.

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