Wellbeing token 

Participants will be able to earn, trade and benefit from the careoline token launch. Tokenomics, market maker, ownership and distribution, Perks, Listings, burnings etc. are yet to be finalized.

There are different ways to receive a token.  
- Buy a token in the private or public sales
- Trade the token on an exchange
- Earning Tokens while attending or conduction a coaching session
- Earning Tokens while staking an careoline NFT
- Earn Tokens when conducting health-promoting activities (llike reflecting,coaching, doing sports – moving etc)

You can use the token in the whole careoline ecosystem:
- Trade it on the careoline shop
- Receive reduced offers for coaching sessions
- Donation to for people  who can not afford health support
- More donations possibility with full transparency
- Tokenstaking

Coming soon